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Les Bas de Soie Noire – A Sensual Masterpiece


A romantic story of lust, fantasy and attraction comes to life in the classic film ‘Les Bas de Soie Noire’, which tells the tale of a young couple who fall passionately in love. Starring Brigitte Lahaie as a beautiful and seductive woman, this French film is sure to transport its viewers into a world of passion and desire. Anal sex, stockings, cum shots, lesbian encounters, pussy licking and more make up this steamy feature as our two lovers explore their carnal desires. While Brigitte is sure to draw you in with her beguiling beauty and alluring presence she will also provide plenty of excitement as she takes your wildest fantasies to new heights. Other highlights include a passionate threesome scene between Brigitte and two handsome men; an exquisite black lace stocking dance where she teases her admirers with her body; an intense French-style oral sex sequence that draws viewers into their raw passion; hot blowjob action from both men and women; hairy up close-ups of Brigitte that show off her skillful ability when it comes to pleasing eager partners; incredible orgasms for both solo performers and couples alike ; and so much more! Every frame captures the unbridled emotion during these captivating sexual sessions that are sure to ignite any viewer’s imagination. This iconic classic from 1981 directed by Robert Renzoni is truly one of the most sensual examples of gay French cinema ever made – revealing nonstop erotic scenes depicting intimate moments between daring lovers while never straying away from its romantic underpinnings. ‘Les Bas de Soie Noire’ is an undying ode to love in its many forms – both tenderhearted yet sharp when needed; full throttle but with great finesse; always sexy but ultimately real. Whether you prefer steamy solo performances or watching on as Brigitte enjoys one-on-one time with attractive male partners, there’s something special here for everyone.

Actors: Brigitte Lahaie